Who We Are

Chosen Productions Inc. is one of the first companies licensed by the FAA to provide commercial video and photography aerial drone service in US national airspace. If you’re looking for a drone company to deliver perfect videos or photos call the drone service the professionals go to, Chosen Productions Inc.

Our Pilots & Camera Op’s are the best in the business, knowing the importance of safety first and having experience around the world filming for everyone from the Motion Picture Association & Tv Shows to National Ad Agencies and Corporate America . Furthermore, we build our drones and camera platforms ensuring we know our equipment better than anyone, providing the best in Heavy lift drone production for our clients.

5D Mark III, Red Epic Weapon, GH4, Black Magic 4k, Alexa Mini with HD/SDI Video Village and follow focus are available at a moments notice. To book us call Greg @  (404) 458-7592 or Click Here

We are curious artists, techies making film gadgets that create better perspectives, esoteric but highly sociable, and creators of all kinds of media content & visual narratives. We specialize in motion but are still quite saturated in video production. We received our FAA Sec. 333 Exemption and have been Licensed to Fly Drones in the USA. Our pilots can thread needles with the drones ensuring you the creative angles you want, and have Closed Set approval from the FAA as well.

Behind Chosen Productions is a driven team with passion, experience, & connections to make productions from small to great a reality. Our goal is defined and being reached one project at a time….. We are detectives until the heartbeat of the story is found, writers who then Craft the story and use words when necessary, filmmakers whose perspective then screams and whispers, and finally we deliver motion media that makes the intended connection and conversion.

The Philosophy

My Father-in-law alway’s told me ..”Son, If you’re going to tell a story, make it believable!” I however have never been much for the rules when it comes to telling stories. I believe they should be able to take your breath away, make you feel like it’s possible to fly, and allow your heart to feel what the mind cannot. Stories like that are at times unbelievable, yet they aren’t just the stories being told today, they are the lives people living right next door are experiencing. We believe they should be told.

Open Arms

Unlike many other professional production companies that turn away low-budget projects, Chosen Productions gladly works with smaller organizations to generate eye-catching media from 30 second spots and great infomercials to high quality images that represent your company’s ability to perform as promised and add value to your customer’s bottom line. Chosen fills the gap between amateur production and the Hollywood-made content which is monetarily out of reach for many companies. High-quality content can now be produced and deployed for any business in any format including Internet streaming, DVD and television broadcast through Chosen Productions.

Complete Creative Solutions

Finally, Chosen Productions supplies area photographers, video production companies and directors with professional equipment rentals, camera operators, gaffers, grips and other technical personnel needed to get their productions done.

The Future is already expanding with Chosen and we are currently seeking several creatives who are not afraid to explore new ideas and rewrite the way the film industry operates with us. Please feel free to send Greg@ChosenProductions.org an inquiry to open positions today!

Contact Chosen to explore your opportunities with some passionate creatives!