Aerial Videography

Aerial Videography in Chattanooga

Chosen Productions is changing the way the world is viewed today with aerial videography in Chattanooga. In today’s market more and more companies are leveraging the amazing visual power of interactive technology to reach potential clients and close more sales without the high cost, travel, and time. Instead of personal visit to your office, everything can be accomplished with a click of a button.

Our remote control helicopter can operate in very close range of the subject using a wide angle lens to achieve a shot impossible to get with full sized aircraft. We can access almost any subject, without disturbance in the form of rotor wash or noise. With an R/C helicopter it’s possible to follow subjects through tight places like through trees and around buildings.

Chosen Productions use the best equipment to capture amazing aerial videos to deliver a high quality final product. Our videographers are extremely knowledgeable and have amazing customer service. Our video team will be able to take your ideas and make them a reality. Contact Chosen Productions today for a free consultation.