Sick Motion or Motion Sickness

Have you ever tried keeping a camera steady while running? How about driving in the car with your camera out the window? Just standing still with one can be quite the challenge even for a professional videographer.
Well, the MOvi has enabled the team here at Chosen to not only do the above mentioned but now get steady shots while flying in planes & heli’s, smooth scene’s flying our cameras from r/c helicopters, riding horses through the woods, skate through streets, or go up and down stairs achieving some the most remarkable storytelling vista’s man can create with a camera.

Having the ability to create a shot that draws audiences to a place they can forget they’re watching a screen allows the viewer to feel like they’re actually part of the film. It’s what Hollywood’s been using to draw us in for decades and now that technology has finally caught up we’re able to afford to create the same magic without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to do the same thing.

Gear like Chosen’s new Movi M10 combined with professional lenses and true professional cameras have changed the world of cinematography for everyone from the small guy filming weddings & indie films to the Hollywood crew filming Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “The Last Stand” and more, giving you the viewer the ability to experience sick motion from cameras never seen before without getting motion sickness.

Seeing how a picture speaks a thousand words and moving pictures exponentially more I’ve included a “behind the scenes” from Freefly & Red Bull with what I believe to be some of the more impossible moves made at a fraction of the cost and is most likely just the beginning of what you can expect to see coming up in future movies, commercials, documentaries.

My advice to you, get creative and rent this rig from us today and turn the common production into an interactive masterpiece!

Rental Prices

$750 a Day – Movi with Monitor
$850 a Day – Remote Setup with Dual Monitor for Dual Operator Mode

*All packages include a grip to help and setup the movi equipment.
*Travel outside of 50 miles is extra.